The Centre for Holistic Living is a specialist therapy practice on the Sunshine Coast providing counselling, energy therapy, meditation and more. We create a peaceful, safe and nurturing space to focus on healing and growth.

Holistic Living is the dynamic balance of all that nourishes, embedded in nature and humanity. We support people to live this dynamic balance in a practical way, drawing on connection with the natural environment and community, to move to health and greater potential.

We support our community from our Sunshine Coast location in beautiful Queensland Australia, as well as working nationally and globally through phone and video sessions.

Coolum Beach location on the Sunshine Coast

The Centre for Holistic Living is located in Yaroomba in the Coolum Beach area on the Sunshine Coast, a couple of minutes drive from the beach. We suggest a therapeutic beach walk before or after your appointments.

The space is light, uplifting and nourishing, with weekday appointments available by prior booking - book online or contact us for any questions.

Appointments by phone or video call

Appointments for Counselling, Meditation and Energy Therapy are available via phone or video call (Zoom or Skype platforms).

We have excellent results and feedback from clients using these appointment styles. They allow great flexibility to access services from anywhere nationally or internationally, and for many people actually allow a greater sense of comfort and reassurance from being able to connect from home. The research shows that benefits and outcomes from working in this way are similar to face-to-face appointments.

Appointments are available via phone or video call on the Zoom or Skype platforms - book online or contact us for any questions.


Appointments are $150 for an hour, for each individual therapy or integrated therapies.

Private health rebates are available for counselling sessions. A sliding fee scale is also available if finances are an obstacle to seeking support - please get in touch to discuss options if this is the case.

Director & Therapist Elle ReynoldsDirector & Therapist Elle Reynolds

Elle Reynolds (she/her) is the Centre’s Director and Therapist. She has been in private practice for well over a decade, with qualifications, accreditation and ongoing professional training in multiple therapies. She is passionate about her therapeutic work as a counsellor, energy therapist and meditation teacher, and loves supporting the positive shifts and life changes her clients attain.

Elle’s qualifications include:

Elle’s professional registrations and affiliations include:

Holistic Living

Our focus at the Centre for Holistic Living is to support our community to live in a way that draws on the bigger holistic picture. To live holistically means a dynamic balance of the experiences that nourish us, in connection with the natural environment and community.

Daily life is complex, with many demands on our focus and psyche. Living holistically means a dynamic balance managing those demands and their impacts on our system, and drawing on the many strengths and sources of nourishment in our lives. It accesses the deeper inherent wisdom in the psyche and supports against the overwhelm of modern life. And it draws on the inherent health surrounding us in the natural environment, and in our sense of community.

Our work at the Centre integrates these strengths, and supports our community to increasingly build towards them. Imagine if all humanity was living holistically! Explore our ways of working.

Free 15-minute Initial Consultation

A complimentary initial consultation is available to discuss what’s happening in your life at the moment, and get some clarity on the best support options available to you. Book online or contact us for any questions.