healing & growth

  • I didn't expect to feel such a clear shift so immediately afterwards. Our work has been really huge for me and helped with so many elements of my headspace and made my spirit feel a lot lighter. Thank you so much for your help stepping into a new phase of my life, I really can't articulate how massive it was to shed that energy.
  • As the weeks have gone by I have come to realise how integral my sessions with you are to my growth and to my peace of mind and sanity!! :) I genuinely believe that the hour I spend with you at the end of each week has had a profound impact on my life. I get clarity, reassurance, a sense of hope and possibility when I'm feeling low and the guidance and support that is lacking from my life at the moment. I believe my journey to happiness and peace would be much longer and harder without the support I get from our sessions.
  • My relationship with my partner has strengthened. I've learned that I can be calm, relaxed and present - this was a big thing for me. My mind would usually work in overdrive, constantly. So knowing that it is possible for me to feel present and calm is a great feeling. Elle was very approachable and easy to talk to. I valued the flexibility of the work, nothing felt forced, and I got a sense of achievement - Elle is very encouraging.
  • After my first session I noticed a major shift in my physical health and mental health. I made time for myself instead of worrying about "getting things done" before work each morning. My sleep improved immensely and I felt significantly calmer in situations I previously could not handle. Right away, I started feeling more open in my body... I feel like something clicked, and it's stayed that way! I feel like I was able to reconnect with a part of myself that had been forgotten. I valued the depth, openness and connection in our sessions, and the sense of safety and that all is welcome.
  • I felt calmer after Elle's sessions and less worried. Elle is a most caring woman, she doesn't just do healing work but cares about you as a human being. I could always tell Elle was concerned for my wellbeing and listened to my worries and fears. I am grateful for the months she treated me.
  • I appreciate the non-judgemental, supportive environment you create in our sessions. I feel that you create the space for me to learn about myself, rather than imposing limitations because the sessions are heavily structured or designed to lead me down a certain path. Your personal warmth and sense of calm have helped me to feel comfortable discussing things that I haven't shared with anyone before.
  • I have extended what I thought I could do since the beginning of our coaching sessions. Elle's sessions were spacious and allowed ideas to come forward in their own time. She is highly supportive with regular feedback, without judgment on content. I found Elle's energy to be gentle and sensitive, and totally present. In our sessions I valued the encouragement to explore in my own way. The support to fossick in my own space for ideas, thoughts, and gems of insight. I've been able to embrace a new project which I do not think I would have felt so comfortable to approach at the moment, without the support of our sessions.
  • Since we started energetic healing sessions, my body feels alive and vibrant, my mind is steadier & I'm relaxed and happy. The experience went beyond my expectations. Thanks Elle. You have genuinely helped me. Your generosity in sharing your energy is something I have never experienced before.